Actor of the Week: Remembering Andy Griffith (1926 – 2012)

This week’s Actor of the Week is going to be a little different. Usually we spotlight up-and-coming actors or those in the peak of their career. Today I want to write about an actor whose legacy has passed but who will always be remembered — in our hearts, in our ambitions and in TV Land reruns.

A member of any generation can, when hearing the name Andy Griffith, make an immediate connection to The Andy Griffith Show. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t grow up watching the show, if you never met Sheriff Andy Taylor and his son, Opie, doesn’t matter if you never planned on moving to Mayberry (the fictional town where the show is set). What matters is, no matter how old you are, you’re able to remember that there was a show called The Andy Griffith Show and it was good enough, memorable enough, meaningful enough, to work its way into America’s cultural identity… (click the link above to read more)

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