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‘The Elephant in the Living Room’ DVD Review: “A Movie Too Big To Ignore”

After receiving several awards for “Best Documentary”, the 2010 American film, The Elephant in the Living Room, received praise from critics as one of the best films of the year. This is a documentary that I, and many other viewers, consider to be one of the best of its genre. As an avid animal lover and fighter for animal rights, I wasn’t sure what to think going into it. The film takes its viewers on a journey through the controversial and often taboo subculture of raising traditionally non-domesticated animals as common household pets. Exploring several angles in the heated national debate, director Michael Webber chronicles different elements to build a heartfelt story. From pet owners’ homes to going undercover at exotic pet shows and even inside the courtroom, The Elephant in the Living Room portrayed the issues from both sides…. (click the link above to read more of the review)

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    The main offender in this doc was Terry Brumfield (who has since died in what might be a suicide by ramming his truck...
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    People who want to take care of these kinds of wild animals should either donate to charities directly involved in...
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    I watched this today. It made me extremely sad that people are not more educated about exotic animals and how they are...
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    I’m excited to be watching this right now.
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    Watched last night, review coming later today.
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