‘Mirror Mirror’ DVD Review: Battle of the Snow Whites

Once upon a time… Hollywood started to re-boot fairy tales in order to give audiences a “fresh” and “original” view of an old familiar story. They have proven time and again to make money (simply look at Disney), so it’s a good bet to green light anything that has to do with a princess. And so two tales following the life of Snow White were being brought to the big screen so that everyone could enjoy them for years to come. The first is a fun and visual tale of a beautiful princess who joins forces with a band of dwarves to fight for her kingdom. The second is a dark and grim look at the story, featuring a Snow White that runs from the fair queen who wants to eat her heart.  Now that Mirror Mirror is out on DVD and Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters, we can compare the two and decide which one is the fairest of them all…

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