‘Dead Man Down’ Trailer: Colin Farrell & Noomi Team Up with Dragon Tattoo Director

The Original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Duo

In 2009, director Niels Arden Oplev gave us the original film adaptation of Stieg Larrson’s best selling novel, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Swedish drama-thriller made $104 million at the box office worldwide. Though Oplev’s adaptation was released before David Fincher’s in 2011, Fincher’s film, starring Rooney Mara, remains the more popular of the two. Regardless, Opley’s success may have been partially due to the outstanding performance of Swedish actress Noomi Rapace… (Click title above to continue reading)


Actress of the Week: Amanda Seyfried – A Wide-Eyed Bombshell

If there’s one blonde on everyone’s mind right now, it’s Hollywood starlet, soap TV star and model Amanda Michelle Seyfried. Not only does she star in films of all genres and budgets, but Seyfried has also got some serious pipes. From comedy to horror to musical, this diverse actress proves she’s not only a pretty face, but a commanding actress.

Playing the “Dumb Girl”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Seyfried began modeling in print ads when she was just 11. She soon began taking small, uncredited parts on TV soap operas but eventually gained regular spots on shows like As the World Turns and All My Children.

In 2003, Amanda auditioned for the Tina Fey written box office hit and high school staple film Mean Girls as the dim-witted character Karen. Seyfried originally auditioned for the part of head “plastic” Regina George, but seemed to fit Karen’s personality much better… (Click title above to continue reading)

‘Les Miserables’ Review: Nails Notes But Loses Direction

When bringing a staged musical to the big screen several issues need to be resolved; from 360 degrees of shooting as opposed to one angle, to rewriting characters for film instead of live dramatized theatre, it can be difficult to get the story to read just right. Fortunately, Les Miserables is able to create a strong atmosphere that doesn’t seem forced or awkward. While the the direction of Tom Hooper fell flat, the strength of the vocals really define Les Mis as a successful film adaptation.

The Good

Anne Hathaway as Fantine

Though her screen time is brief, Anne Hathawaysure put on a show. Her training with legendary vocal coach Joan Lader months before filming allowed Hathaway to belt the end of “I Dreamed a Dream,” all while crying.

In an interview with WordAndFilm.com, Hathaway explains how hard it was for her to relate to the life full of loss and suffering that Fantine experiences; however, once she realized that sexual slavery exists even in our world today, she was able to consider her part not really as acting, but as her honoring the painful lives of the less fortunate. And it certainly showed… (Click title above to continue reading)

Samuel L. Jackson & Anne Hathaway Battle in Funny or Die Sad-Off

On Christmas Day, both Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, two of the most anticipated movies of the winter season, will go head-to-head at the box office. While the two have completely different target audiences, there’s definitely a lot of people who want to see and will enjoy both. There’s really only one way to compare these two films: Which film is sadder?

That’s right the hilarious folks from Funny-or-Dietook Hollywood’s baddest motherf*cking actor,Samuel L. Jackson, and placed him against movie land’s sweetheart, Anne Hathaway in a round of the Sad-Off! When you think Jackson couldn’t top every hilarious character he’s ever played… (Click title above to continue reading)

‘Identity Thief’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy VS Jason Bateman Round 2!

Several months ago we were treated to thefirst trailer for Identity Thief, which placedBridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy at odds with funny man Jason Bateman. The two face-smacked, ball-kicked and rumble-n-tumbled all throughout our first look. This time around, they’re at it again in round 2, but a third party joins the festivities and they’re looking for blood.

From director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) comes a story millions of people have experienced every year: identity theft. Only this time instead of sitting around, waiting for the Department of Justice to take control, Sandy (Bateman) decides to send the identity thief back to Middle Earth… (click title above to continue reading)

‘Drift’ Trailer: Sam Worthington & Xavier Samuel Star in 70s Surf Drama

The first trailer for the Australian surf flick Driftwas just released from Twitch, and at first glance, this ’70s drama could either be a hit or a miss.

Myles Pollard and Xavier Samuel lead the film as brothers Andy and Jimmy Kelly. Sporting some jaw-dropping killer wigs, the duo must use unconventional methods to help pull their family out of debt. Whether that means inventing new surf products like boards and wetsuits, or quitting a day job. The pair will also have to battle drug dealers to maintain the new lives they’ve built.. (Click title above to continue reading)


Brit Marling photographed by Victoria Stevens


Brit Marling photographed by Victoria Stevens